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Energy Efficient: The Importance of Efficient Air Conditioning Systems...
Energy Efficient: The Importance of Efficient Air Conditioning Systems...
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(ARA) - Everyone wants to cut down on their energy bill. The average American spends about 40 percent of their summer energy bill on air conditioning. This means that any leak in your air conditioning system translates into a leak in your wallet. Think of the air that passes through your house as money actually floating through air vents and rooms. Naturally, you don't want any "money" breaking out of the circuit. And this is the very first thing you should check on. Not a leak in your system, but leaks through your windows.

No matter how well an air conditioning system is, windows that are not sealed properly leads to one thing, another escape route for your money. For the truly concerned homeowner, worried about your wallet and the environment, checking the tightness of window settings is paramount to keeping a reasonable energy bill.

If you are satisfied with your windows, what do you need to know about air conditioning systems?

Air conditioners have developed quite a bit in the last 10 years. First, check how old your system is. Older units have a SEER (seasonal energy efficient ratio) of 6 or 7. Nowadays, most air conditioners come with a rating between 10 or 11 and as high as 13. Doubling up the SEER score equals to cutting back on spending.

If you are going to have an older unit replaced, verify that you are getting a new one with the Energy Star label. This is a government certified rating used on appliances from computers, to windows, to air conditioning units. If you need to speak to a heating and cooling professional look for licensed and insured contractors in your area.

Installation is another part of this equation. Some companies sell a lower-end model but emphasize quality installation, sealing ducts and proper sizing. The flip side is a high-end model that is not fit properly. Do you want a corvette if the engine is mounted wrong? No. And it is the same with air conditioners. Indeed, no matter what kind of model or how much the price is, please, verify that you are using a trusted professional. There is nothing worse than looking at a brand new sports car spit and sputter down the road.

Getting the most out of your system? Consider monthly check ups. Regular filter changes will prolong the life of your system and improve the quality of the cooling. If your system is installed outside, be sure it has space to breathe. Don't install it near trees or shrubs as this will clog up your filters faster.

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